Trying to go Green? Have limited outdoor outlets? Want more sustainable lighting?

LED lights offer benefits in terms of safety, sustainability and value whether used indoors or outdoors. This might be the year to start replacing old incandescent lights with LEDs. Here’s why:

Safety: LED lights do not get hot like conventional lights and therefore do not create a thermal fire hazard or scorch plants.

Fewer outlets required: You can literally string 120 strands of LEDS end to end and plug the whole line into one extension cord connected to one power outlet.

Less power: LEDs use about 75% less power than
conventional holiday lights.

Longer life: LEDs last 4-5 times longer than conventional lights. The Pro quality lights we use can last 80,000 hours!

Sustainable facts: You will pay a little more up front, but the cost will be recovered in lower energy costs and fewer replacements. You’ll also be using less total material over a longer time frame

And the lamp is brighter too!